The Monkeys are in Nice, France. Here are some quick pics from their latest adventure.   Click picture to enlarge  

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Matthew Monkey fencing, and

Daddy monkey's birthday

  The Monkeys were at the waterslides about 40 minutes outside of Nice today.     The commissions earned when you web-shop via these links helps "Send a Monkey" to college. Merci!
  Matthew Monkey riding the elephant.    0100_088C
  Fearless Kayleigh getting ready for "splash down."     
  There was minigolf at the waterpark.     
  From the far left lane: Karissa, Jonathon, Daddy, and Mama slide the slide.     
  Jonathon and Karissa at the beach     
  More beach     
   Getting into her swim tube    
   After a rough afternoon at the beach    
   Matthew Monkey starting to surf    
   Mama and Kayleigh on the beach.    
   That's probably the last update from the South of France.
We're moving to a hotel on Saturday, and I doubt we'll have Internet access.
Check back soon at for the continuing adventures of
Matthew and Kayleigh Monkey.
  Grammi and Pa in St. Remy.     
   Matthew Monkey eyes the candy in St. Remy.    
   The arch at Glanum.    
  Taking a break at the arch in Glanum.     
  All the monkeys behind bars at St. Paul de Mausole. Vincent Van Gogh had himself committed to this asylum in 1889. He painted about 150 paintings while here (including "Sunflowers," "Irises," and "Starry Night")     
  The monkeys are leading Daddy down the path at the asylum at St. Paul de Mausole.     
  Flying monkeys at Glanum.     
  Mama and two Monkeys in the lavendar at Les Baux     
  The view of the olive groves and vinyards below Les Baux     
  Uncle Doug holding on at the edge at Les Baux.     
  Daddy Monkey holding the babies. The very high wind was frightening to both of them.     
  Mama in the pillary (has she been naughty lately?)     
   Mama Monkey at the top of the "keep" at the Chateau des Baux. Holding on tight because of the "Minstrel" winds.    
   Today we went back to the park. Kayleigh loved the slide.    
   Matthew Monkey learned to use the fireman's pole.    
   Everyone took a carousel ride (except the grownups).    
   Karissa went to town, riding on a pony...    
   Jonathon relaxing on his carousel ride.    
   Kayleigh did not want to get off!    
   Easy Rider Matthew Monkey.    
   We finally got Grammi to the beach.    
   Denise in her new chapeau. (A rare sight at the beach.)    
   Pa and Kayleigh heading in.    
   Is that a hole Pa?    
   Kayleigh, Matthew, and Jonathon "dug all the way to China."
(Hey kid... did you steal my hat?)
  Glass blowing at Biot.     
  The Monkeys with Gourdon in the background. Some of these roads reminded us of our trip to Tobago!     
  The gang at Gourdon     
  Armor at Gourdon
("Non, non monsieur. Pas d'photo. pas d'photo!" 
  The monkeys check out the falls (from the safety of the concrete cage).     
   Mama chomping a club sandwich on a baggette. (At the waterfalls)    
  Headed down into the cave. 
(Grotte de Saint-Cézaire)
  Playing the stalagtites like a xylophone.     
   A better view of the house we are in. Jammed in between two buildings it is the cutest little place you'd ever want to see.      
  The whole gang in front of the Roman baths at Nice.       
  Daddy and Matthew Monkey are holding up the baths.       
  Two (too) cute Monkey cousins.     
  Grammi and Pa in front of the Mattise museum.     
  The Monkeys in a garden in Nice.     
  All aboard the monkey train!       
  An alley on the way to the marché       
  Kayleigh Monkey riding to Fort Carré, in Antibes.       
  View of Antibes from the fort. "Never Say Never" was shot here. The scene where 007 is riding around a fort on a horse took place here. It was quite a hike!       
   Ice cream at the marina.      
  Mama monkey at the marché.
(Notice the roses--celebrating our 15th anniversary!) 
  Kayleigh Monkey at the park.       
  Behind bars (where they belong!)       
   The view from the skylight    
   The house where we are staying.    
  The house where we are staying     
   Mama and the monkeys at the front of the house.    
  The marina is just a short walk away.     
  Daddy and the monkeys swimming in the Med.     
   Monkeys firing the cannon outside the Picasso museum in Antibes. He once rented a room in the house where we are staying.    
  The monkeys at the Picasso museum.     
  Matthew Monkey on a 2000 year-old anchor.
(Hey kid, get off of that!) 

The adventure continues...
Check back soon for more pics